WeissLicht Illustro FLEX LED Bulbs - HB4 | 9006 | 6000k

WeissLicht Illustro FLEX LED Bulbs - HB4 | 9006 | 6000k


  • $119.00

Product Introduction

  • Introducing a new concept in LED BMW headlight and fog light bulb technology from WeissLicht.
  • Designed to be super compact, fanless, completely weatherproof and ultra-bright, Illustro is simply the best all-round headlight/fog light on the market.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • WeissLicht, a recognized leader in LED lighting, has produced a sleek, light weight, perfectly fitting, ultra-compact, super-cool, and ultra-bright LED bulb.
  • These bulbs are fanless, as exposure to dust, water and salt cause premature fan failure. Once this happens, the bulb quickly overheats and burns itself out. Also, most fan bulbs are too long and protrude out of the fan housings.
  • The Braided Belt:
    • is non-corrosive so using it in exposed locations doesn't affect its performance.
    • It has no moving parts and cannot fail like a fan.
    • It can be packed tightly for installation and then spread out into the housing once installed.
    • This is a huge benefit for smaller housings or housings with a unique shape and makes installation substantially easier.
    • The thin wires of the belt quickly pull heat from the core and spread it over a large surface area.
    • The bulbs have 4 belt loops with 16 surfaces totaling over 30 square inches of area.

Installation Notes

  • Installation Difficulty: BASIC (Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required)

Notes / Warnings

  • Beware of copycat bulbs! Cheaper materials for the core, plastic body and heat sink may cause your bulb or housing to melt. Look only for the original.
  • LED bulbs do not disperse light into a lens designed for a halogen light the same way a conventional bulb does, no matter how bright the LED may be.
  • Performance varies from lens to lens, although we do not recommend these bulbs for on road use as they may not produce the necessary output and beam shape in every lens.
  • Please check your local laws to ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.

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