Voice Command Reference Cards


  • $2.80

Product Introduction

  • Trying to learn the voice commands in your BMW can be downright painful.
  • The Voice Control Command Cards makes the learning process easy, by keeping the entire list of commands at your fingertips.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • These cards feature the commands that are available for telephone communication using the Bluetooth interface.
  • Printed on .03" thick PVC, similar to the material and size of a standard credit card.
  • This double sided card is sorted into color-coded sections to make each command set easy to access.
  • A quick glance at the card is all it takes to find the command you're looking for!
  • Learn your BMW's voice commands and master of all the Bluetooth communication features!
  • Includes custom Tyvek sleeve for storage and protection.

Notes / Warnings

  • This accessory card is designed for all BMW automobiles equipped with the Bluetooth communication feature (non-iDrive). Commands are for US models only.
  • The commands printed on this accessory card reflect information available at the time of printing. Future software changes made by BMW may cause the command list to change.
  • When using these cards, especially when driving, observe common sense and do not take your eyes off the road or remain distracted for prolonged periods of time.

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