Sprint Booster Throttle Remapper - BMW E85/E86 Z4, E60/E61/F10/F11 5 Series, E63/E64/F06/F12 6 Series, F32/F33/F36 4 Series

Sprint Booster

  • $319.00

Product Introduction

  • Improve the throttle response of your BMW.
  • Sprint Booster Throttle Remapper compensates for subdued response and puts the fun back in driving.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • All modern BMWs employ DRIVE BY WIRE technology, where the throttle is controlled by a signal from the ECU.
  • This allows the factory to make the acceleration smoother and less aggressive by adding a delay between the time you press the pedal and the throttle opening.
  • True BMW enthusiasts, who want to have more direct control over acceleration, install a Sprint Booster Throttle Remapper to:
    1. Eliminate the lag between pedal input and throttle reaction for immediate vehicle response.
    2. Remove the restrictions on throttle opening allowing for more power at lower RPM ranges.
    3. Abolish non-linear pedal response. If the pedal is depressed 20%, the throttle will be open 20%. You have full control of your BMW.
  • It has 3 acceleration modes: Off, Sport, and Race with 36 acceleration programs for ultimate flexibility and control over your car's acceleration.
    1. OFF MODE: Sprint Booster is deactivated. The response of the car has the factory settings. The LED of the Selector switch is OFF.
    2. SPORT MODE: Sprint Booster provides improved response of up to 30%. The LED of the selector switch in Sport mode is Green.
    3. RACE MODE: Sprint Booster provides improved response of up to 60%. The LED of the selector switch in Race mode is Red.
  • Valet mode and Pedal lock mode allow the driver to disable the acceleration ability or limit the rate of acceleration (Valet mode) when not driving the vehicle.
  • The Sprint Booster is easily installed with Plug & Play connectors and does not affect other systems.
  • The ultra compact design allows the driver to place the selector switch in many different locations.

Installation Notes

  • Installation Difficulty: BASIC (Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required)
    1. Choose the type of transmission: M/T for manual and A/T for automatic or semi-automatic.
    2. Connecting the Selector Switch: Locate the white socket on the Sprint Booster, take the Selector switch and connect it to the Sprint Booster.
    3. Open the vehicle's door and remove the car keys from the car: Wait for 10 minutes before you install the device. This step is important to allow the CAN bus system to complete the diagnostic testing and avoid having the check engine light switch On.
    4. Install the Sprint Booster:
  • Locate the harness connector on the accelerator pedal.
  • Remove the harness connector from the pedal.
  • Connect the Sprint Booster on the pedal. Make sure that the Sprint Booster is properly aligned with the pedal's connector during installation.
  • Connect the harness connector on the Sprint Booster.
  • After you install the device on the pedal, attach the selector switch anywhere on the dashboard using the double-sided tape (included). Always make sure that the wire does not interfere with your foot or the accelerator pedal. Use the enclosed tie wrap to wrap the spare wire.

Notes / Warnings

  • Please check your local laws to ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.

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