Remus Responder


  • $248.00

Product Introduction

  • The Remus Responder improves throttle response and driving dynamics!

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • The REMUS responder improves throttle response by means of modifying the accelerator pedal output signal.
  • No more throttle delay and reduced lag during automatic shifting makes driving with the REMUS Responder more fun.
  • The Responder attaches between the OEM pedal sensor and the OEM connector, ready to use in seconds due to plug and play technology.
  • Sophisticated adjustable programming profiles can lead to improved fuel consumption and more efficiency.
  • The 4 individual user selectable and adjustable performance settings allow you to select according to your preferences.
  • The REMUS responder totally eliminates the delay in modern electronic accelerator pedals.

Installation Notes

  • Installation Difficulty: SIMPLE (No Tools, Anyone Can Install)

This Product Fits:

  • BMW E39 5 Series
  • BMW E46 3 Series
  • BMW E60 5 Series
  • BMW E53 X5
  • BMW E63 6 Series
  • BMW E65 7 Series
  • BMW E70 X5
  • BMW E71 X6
  • BMW E83 X3
  • BMW E90/E92 3 Series
  • BMW E85 Z4
  • BMW E89 Z4
  • BMW F01 7 Series
  • BMW F07/F10 5 Series
  • BMW F13/F12 6 Series
  • BMW F20 1 Series
  • BMW F25 X3
  • BMW F30 3 Series
  • BMW F32 4 Series
  • and more...

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