Premium CD Slot Phone Holder


  • $17.50

Product Introduction

  • The Mechunik CD Slot Phone Holder is the best way to take advantage of your BMW's unused CD changer to mount your phone with perfect visibility.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • Turn your seldom used CD slot into a convenient location to mount your phone.
  • This is a great alternative to drilling into your dashboard to install mounting brackets or having annoying suction cups hanging from your window.
  • The CD slot phone holder comes with two phone holding options:
    • Magnetic Holder: Your phone connects securely to the mount with one of two supplied adhesive magnets. If you have a thin phone case, you can insert the large flat magnet in the case with no adhesive. You can also stick the magnet onto the back of your phone for the strongest connection.
    • Premium Holder: This phone holder is designed to fit even the largest phones on the market with a case.

Installation Notes

  • Installation Difficulty: SIMPLE (No Tools, Anyone Can Install)
  • The Mechunik CD slot phone holder inserts into your CD slot and secures with the turn of a tension screw that carefully spreads rubber tabs into the CD slot.
  • This will not damage your CD player and can be removed instantly, should you need access to your CD slot.
  • Additionally, if a CD is in the slot, it does not interfere with the playing of the disc.

Notes / Warnings

  • Do not eject the disc when the CD Slot holder is installed.
  • Be sure to test the surety of the CD slot mount and/or the magnetic holder to ensure it will not drop your device.
  • We are not liable for dropped or damaged devices as a result of not securing the mount or overloading the capability of the magnet.
  • Remember that a thicker phone case with the magnet on the inside will hold less securely. Mount to your phone case with the provided adhesive side if the connection is weak.

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