Pair Of WeissLicht XenoFlo 9006 Bulbs (Pair) - Compact HID Retrofit Kit


  • $83.30

Product Introduction

  • Did your vehicle not come with factory-installed HID Headlights?
  • Do you want extra bright headlights that are a perfect match for your fog lights?
  • You need a compact XenoFlo HID retrofit kit.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • The XenoFlo HID retrofit kit uses a real Xenon HID bulb, which is the same technology that some BMW's have from the factory, will replace any standard headlight bulb.
  • XenoFlo has the smallest HID ballasts available so they fit into most BMW light housings for a clean, unobtrusive installation.
  • These van be used to either upgrade your fog lights or halogen headlights to super bright white HID.
  • Available HID Bulb Options:
    • 6000k HID Bulbs - Emit a pure white light
    • 8000k HID Bulbs - Emit a light blue/cyan colored light

Installation Notes

  • Installation Difficulty: BASIC (Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required)
  • Most Fog Light and Headlight installations are plug-and-play, however permanent modification to some lights, particularily H7 headlights, may be required for this kit. Please see our installation guides for more details.
  • Some vehicles may require additional resistor packs to work properly, which can be purcahsed separately. Please contact us to see if it is necessary for your specific BMW.
  • All bulbs of a certain color temperature emit the same color of light, but due to the characteristics of the light housing where bulbs are installed and whether or not the housing has a projector, the color temperature may appear skewed, making it look more white, more blue, or more purple.
  • Before installation, DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS PART OF THE BULB, which will significantly shorten the lifetime of the bulb, and void your warranty. For this reason, we are not able to accept returns on any HID bulb which has had its packaging opened.

Notes / Warnings

  • Note that these bulbs are sold in PAIRS!
  • If you experience flashing on start up, you will need to purchase XenoFlo compact resistor packs to fix the issue. As an alternative, you can increase the fuse in that bulb location by 5-10 Amps if the fuse is blowing on start up. DO THIS ONLY AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION.
  • Depending on your BMW's model year, options, aftermarket modifications, recalls, etc, BMW may have used a number of different bulb types in your vehicle. If you have any questions about ordering the right bulbs for your BMW, feel free to contact us.
  • It is the purchasers responsibility to check with local laws to ensure that the color / brightness of bulb that they are purchasing is legal in their area. It is also the purchasers responsibility to ensure that lights are installed in light housings as required by local laws.
  • Please check your local laws to ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.

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