Painted Bumper Plug / Screw Covers

Bimmian PaintWerke

  • $19.99

Product Introduction

  • What happens when the Dealer drills license plate holes, but you don't want them? Cover them with Painted Bumper Plugs.
  • Each set comes with TWO (2) clear plastic bases and TWO (2) body colored ripple texture caps.
  • Or use them over your license plate screws to match your vehicle color.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • The best solution to cover holes in your front bumper without going to the Body Shop!
  • Give your BMW a cleaner look, whether you bought your BMW out of state don't need a front license plate or want to use a tow hook mounted solution.
  • Our caps are made from a specific polyurethane in a ripple texture to hold paint better and help prevent chipping.
  • With a wide range of factory colors to choose from, our painted bumper plugs will fit any BMW.

Installation Notes

  • Installation Difficulty: SIMPLE (No Tools, Anyone Can Install)
  • Use your original license plate holder screws to secure the clear base to the bumper and place the painted cap over top.
  • Please note, if your license plate screw has a head that is too large to fit flat inside the base without stretching it, please use a smaller screw.
  • When putting cap over the base, it will require a good push to get it on. This design make the cap very secure when installed.

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