Mishimoto BMW 12-13 320i/328i / 14-15 428i / 15-16 228i Performance Air Intake Kit


  • $372.69

Product Introduction

  • Mishimoto has developed a performance air intake engineered specifically for the 2012+ BMW F30 w/ N20/N26 engines!
  • This Performance Air Intake is safe to use with the stock tune as it will not hurt air/fuel ratios under load.
  • This intake has a unique and aggressive tone under acceleration and boost, and the free-flowing design amplifies turbocharger spool and BPV sounds.
  • The stock intake duct is utilized to provide cool airflow to the Mishimoto High-Flow Oiled Air Filter, which features increased filtration surface area compared to the stock paper filter.
  • This filter can be cleaned and reused, providing a lifetime of service.
  • The intake includes an enclosed airbox that collects all of the cold outside air from the front of the engine.
  • The airbox is made from 5052 aluminum with a black powder-coated finish to reduce weight compared to a steel intake box, and to prevent against any corrosion.
  • The airbox also protects against engine bay heat-soak, and it provides a unique engine bay appearance.
  • This unit is a complete bolt-on that functions perfectly with the stock tune.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • Highly aggressive intake tone under acceleration
  • Functions with the stock intake duct which supplies cold air to intake filter
  • Powder-coated black airbox keeps unwanted hot air from entering the air filter
  • Airbox made from aluminum, for extra weight savings, and added corrosion protection in harsh climates
  • Aluminum intake pipe includes CNC-machined MAF housing
  • Mishimoto High-Flow Oiled Air Filter placed to receive maximum airflow from the front of the vehicle
  • Smooth design eliminates restrictions and improves airflow
  • Designed in Delaware, USA and filter made in USA
  • CARB EO #: D-759-1
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

This Product Fits:

  • 2012+ BMW F30 N20/N26

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