ECU Master EMU Classic w/ Mini Cooper R53 Harness

ECU Master EMU Classic w/ Mini Cooper R53 Harness

Stealth Auto

  • $1,422.41


plug and play for the R53 Mini Cooper S is an advanced and fully configurable engine management system for controlling fueling and ignition. This kit is compatible with the 2001-2006 Mini Cooper S with manual transmission. The Mini Cooper plug and play kit comes with the CAN Bus version of the EMU, allowing for control of the factory dashboard. The EMU also controls the factory drive by wire throttle and uses factory sensors where applicable. With a built in 4 bar MAP sensor, the EMU no longer needs the factory MAF or MAP sensor and can read up to 42 pounds of boost. The Engine Management Unit controls all aspects of the engine, and offers failsafe strategies in case of sensor failures or other events. The EMU features more built-in value than anything else on the market, not requiring any external modules to drive up to 6 passive coils directly (up to 12 smart coils), a Bosch LSU 4.2 O2 sensor, 2 EGT probes, a Flex Fuel ethanol content sensor directly. The inclusion of a built-in 4 bar MAP sensor further adds to the value of the EMU.

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