Defi DIN Gauge – black dial – red illumination

Defi DIN Gauge – black dial – red illumination

Stealth Auto

  • $707.59


DIN-Gauge is a 1-DIN sized triple meter for providing information on a pressure and 2 kinds of temperatures. “DIN” is an abbreviation for Deutsche Industrie Normen(German industrial standard) and the most of audio hardwares are designed in the DIN size. DIN-Gauge can be neatly installed in a DIN sized vacant space in your automobile.

Main specifications, functions, and features

  • Standalone
  • Commercial attachment necessary
  • Stepping motor: STS26
  • Sequential ceremony
  • Dial color: black
  • Illumination color: white/amber red
  • Illumination ON/OFF: interlocked with vehicle illumination switch
  • LED illumination
  • 1DIN size

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