Defi Advance BF Series (Metric) 60mm fuel press gauge – white

Defi Advance BF Series (Metric) 60mm fuel press gauge – white

Stealth Auto

  • $360.00


  • Turbo/boost/in-mani, oil press, fuel press, oil temp, water temp, exhaust temp, and tachometer are available.
  • USDM models (Imperial unit) and JDM models (SI unit) are available.
  • Illumination color: JDM models are white, amber red, and blue (The illumination color cannot be changed). USDM models are amber red.
  • Size: all kinds of 60mm gauges and 80mm tachometer
  • One ADVANCE Control Unit operates up to 7 gauges or displays in total.

Main specifications, functions, and features

  • ADVANCE System
  • ADVANCE Control Unit necessary
  • Commercial attachment necessary
  • Stepping motor: STS26/VS2
  • Illumination color: white/amber red/blue (in USDM models, only amber red is available)
  • Illumination ON/OFF: interlocked with vehicle illumination switch
  • LED illumination
  • Indicator output
  • Built-in indicators
  • Driving data can be recorded & replayed
  • Opening mode/Ending mode
  • Size: 60mm/80mm tachometer
  • Applicable number of cylinders: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8
  • Mounting bracket attached

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