Interior Panel Trim Striping - 15 foot length


  • $20.30

Product Introduction

  • Give your BMW a unique interior look with colored piping strips from Bimmian.
  • These piping strips install easily and can accent any area where two pieces of trim meet.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • Mechunik Interior Piping Strips are a subtle way to give your BMW interior a custom look.
  • The piping is made from a stiff hard plastic to allow it to fit between trim pieces without buckling.
  • Each color includes a full length of double sided adhesive tape for areas that may require more securing.
  • Change the design or color when you want a fresh look!

Installation Notes

  • Installation Difficulty: SIMPLE (No Tools, Anyone Can Install)
  • Dry fit each piece before cutting to make sure you have the proper length.
  • Always start at one end and move along the trim piece, inserting the piping as you go along.
  • If the area between two trim pieces is not tight enough to hold piping securely, use the provided double sided adhesive tape. Note: Double sided tape is wider than the piping so you will need to trim the width of the tape before installing. Ensure the taps is not visible before installing.
  • Due to the stiffness of the piping, sharp curves areas may require some insert cuts along the portion that is unseen when installed.

Notes / Warnings

  • IMPORTANT! High heat will cause the piping to shrink. If you live in locations where your vehicle experiences high temperatures and enclosed spaces with high heat, the piping will shrink.
  • Installing this product around function areas may inhibit proper operation.
  • Bimmian is not responsible for the improper operation of any interior.devices due to the installation of piping around those areas.

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