Gauge Rings for BMW E6X, E7X


  • $38.50

Product Introduction

  • There are few interior upgrades more universally appealing than Mechunik Gauge Rings.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • These Gauge Rings upgrade the look of your cluster with M-car style.
  • BMW has always been known for boring, dark gauge clusters, with stylish metal rings reserved to top-end M models
  • Combine a set of Gauge Rings with M-Style Gauge Faces and Carbon Fiber Cluster Trim for the sportiest look.

This Product Fits

  • Gauge Rings for BMW E6X, E7X.

Installation Notes

  • Difficulty: EASY (Most People Can Do This With Common Household Tools)
  • These rings are installed with SNAP-IN technology, without the need for any adhesives.
  • They can be removed any time without damaging your cluster.
  • Before installing, be sure to disconnect your negative battery terminal.
  • Take extra care to protect the cluster's face from finger prints and dust as it may be visible when reinstalled.

Notes / Warnings

  • For vehicles with two pre-existing rings (ie: E60/63/70/71/90/91/92/93), this product upgrades to the thick rings found on M-versions of your car.

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