• $40.00

Product Introduction

  • Add protection to the front end of your vehicle with a Flexyframe® bumper guard and license plate holder.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • Flexyframe® is a bumper guard and license plate holder designed to protect your vehicle from minor scratches and dents due to low impact collisions.
  • Flexyframe® is engineered using a high quality, solid, all weather soft rubber core that can withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures.
  • Flexyframe® was made to absorb impacts and return to original shape when tested on the smallest of cars to the heaviest of SUV's without compromising the design.
  • Upon impact the rubber frame compresses from both sides reducing the probability of paint chipping on your front bumper.
  • You get a sleek, all black design that functions as a license plate holder and front bumper protector. Flex it and Protect it!

Installation Notes

  • Installation Difficulty: SIMPLE (No Tools, Anyone Can Install)

Notes / Warnings

  • Flexyframe® helps to absorb low impact.
  • The actual cause of damage is determined by serveral variables, while we cannot determine what speed will cause damage and as every vehicle is built differently, we do know is that without Flexyframe® the damage of low impacts would be much greater.

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