Dinan Supp. Ride Qty & Handle Kit -BMW 550i 2015-2011 550i xDrive 2015-2011

Dinan Supp. Ride Qty & Handle Kit -BMW 550i 2015-2011 550i xDrive 2015-2011


  • $94.55

Product Introduction

To fully enjoy Dinan performance spring sets we highly recommend pairing them up with our supplemental ride quality and handling kits.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

This additional kit includes tuned, progressive rate bump stops that maximize suspension travel on the lowered car for improved handling capabilities and ride quality when compared to just a spring set. By allowing for full compression travel within the spring the possibility of a sudden "bottoming out" is negated, a common unwanted side effect when lowering a vehicle. Bump stops also have the added benefit of optimizing the spring rate rewarding those that use them with added mechanical grip and cornering power. Simply put, the Dinan supplemental ride quality and handling kits amplify performance and comfort when paired with performance spring sets.

This Product Fits:

  • 550i & xDrive F10 Sedan 2011-2013
  • 550i & xDrive F10 Sedan 2014-2016

Notes / Warnings

  • Dinan Performance Spring sets should be purchased and installed with the corresponding Ride Quality and Handling Kit to achieve the advertised ride height, performance, and ride quality.
  • While not explicitly required, if the matching component is not purchased and installed you will get less than favorable results in the form of poor ride quality and improper handling traits.
  • While we will maintain a full warranty on product defects, any claims against the car’s improper handling/ride quality traits due to not purchasing the corresponding handling kit will not be warranted.

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