Corsa 01-06 BMW 325i/ci Convertible E46 Polished Sport Axle-Back Exhaust

Corsa 01-06 BMW 325i/ci Convertible E46 Polished Sport Axle-Back Exhaust

CORSA Performance

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Product Introduction

  • Corsa's cat-back Twin Silencer Exhaust will change the sound of the E46 325/330 from a mild mannered commuter car to a true sports car.
  • Corsa has designed a E46 performance exhaust with a tuned aggressive sound that is worlds apart from the stock ho-hum exhaust.
  • But thanks to their innovative RSC technology this exhaust stays civilized at normal speeds and RPM.
  • This is a sport exhaust that you can live with on a daily basis but it opens up when you get on it.
  • This is the complete Corsa cat-back for the E46 and includes front and center resonators, and the rear muffler.
  • It's a full replacement for the complete stock E46 exhaust and bolts to the stock exhaust manifold/catalytic converter.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • Although known as the Twin Silencer Exhaust (TSE3) this system almost has dual personalities.
  • When driven aggressively it produces a throaty and charismatic exhaust note with just a hint of inline-6 rasp.
  • We think the sound has a terrific blend of American muscle and European refinement.
  • It has plenty of burbles and pops that a performance exhaust should have and compliments other performance upgrades you may have on your car.
  • But when driven lightly there's only a slight hint of sporty sound.
  • It becomes a subdued version of its other self and completely livable on daily and highway trips with NO DRONE!
  • You can use it on a daily driver without it being annoying or intrusive and then let it off its leash for the weekend fun runs.

This Product Fits:

  • 2001-2006 E46 BMW 325i 325ci 330i 330ci

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