Carbon Fiber Engine Cover for BMW F8X M3/M4


  • $395.00

Product Introduction

  • Our real carbon fiber engine cover is the perfect addition to your engine compartment.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • These replacement engine covers are unique. This cover was selected from many samples provided by an array of carbon fiber factories. While this cover may not be the least expensive, it is surely the best quality available on the market today. With carbon fiber, you get exactly what you are pay for. Most of the cost related to carbon fiber items is related to the labor involved. Our carbon fiber accessories are made by craftsmen - true professionals in their fields - not laborers. Great craftsmanship takes time, and time costs money. You will understand when you hold our part in your hands. Available OptionsCurrently, these are available in black carbon fiber only. There are no plans to offer these in silver carbon fiber. What Its Made FromMade with real carbon fiber, this product features a high-quality resin for the ultimate UV protection, and brilliant finish.

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