Aluminum Shift Knob


  • $65.00

Product Introduction

  • The Mechunik Aluminum Shift Knob is the perfect accessorie to complete the look of your BMW's interior.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • This Shoft Knob is fabricated from billet aluminum, weighs half a pound and is anodized in a number of different colors.
  • Easily installed, these shift knobs are a great match to your existing interior components.

Installation Notes

  • Installation Difficulty: BASIC (Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required)
  • You will be required to remove your original shift knob in order to install these replacements. Removing of your original knob is done by pulling up on the knob with high force.
  • The shift knobs is installed using a single headless allen key bolt for a quick and easy installation.
  • Be sure to torque the bolts toghtly so that the knob does not loosen while driving, although be careful not to strip the threading on the knob itself.

Notes / Warnings

  • Most M Series vehicles have a one-piece shift knob + shift boot combination. On these cars, this knob will only fit with an aftermarket shift boot.

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