Agency Power Performance Air Intake Kit Mercedes CLA/A/GLA 45 AMG

Agency Power Performance Air Intake Kit Mercedes CLA/A/GLA 45 AMG

Agency Power

  • $338.87

The Mercedes 45 AMG platform is a worldwide hit with its 2.0L turbocharged engine.  Taking on competitors such as the BMW N55 and JDM tuners like the Subaru STI, the 45 AMG brings Mercedes quality with a tuner type chassis.  From 2013-2015, the CLA/A/GLA 45 AMG came with 355 horsepower from the factory.  In 2016, the power was increased to 375 horsepower with some mapping changes.  What can further the performance of the turbocharged engine is air flow.  The air flow of the turbo coming in is just as important as the exhaust flow going out.

The factory air intake is as simple as a design as you can get.  It features a cone paper mesh filter that sits in an enclosed box which goes straight into the turbo.  It is connected through a plastic adapter that features a basic map sensor.  So what can be improved upon?  The factory air filter of course, but even more is the adapter that goes from the turbo rubber boot to the filter.  The stock adapter is only 2.6 inches for the inner diameter or 66mm.  To improve air flow and gain almost 20 horsepower over stock, Agency Power has designed this intake for maximum performance.

The Agency Power intake is machined from a piece of 6061 billet aluminum which includes a precision CNC sensor mount and adapter plate.  The inside of the intake is increased to 95mm or 3.74 inches compared to stock.  The large section is still 130mm to fit the factory rubber boot.  The CNC machined part is then done in a titanium cerakote for a stylish finish.  Each piece is then stylized with the Agency Power text logo to be seen once installed.  Furthering the performance of the AMG 45 intake is the custom designed Agency Power air filter.  This high flow cylindrical air filter features a much improved flow rate over stock and designed to catch more particles compared to a paper mesh design.  The filter features a vented end cap for ultimate air suction in the entire factory box.

With the intake installed, you can expect much quicker throttle response and a large increase in torque.  With the high flow air filter, the turbocharger will be much more audible and make accelerating even more fun than the AMG already is.  The factory re-circulation value will increase in tone as well.  This is a great mod for a daily driver and track car.

The Agency Power intake is a direct replacement for the stock system.  It does not require custom tuning or any additional products.  The intake kit is designed to fit all Mercedes A45, CLA45, GLA45 AMG vehicles from 2013.


  • Fitment: Mercedes A45, CLA45, GLA45 2013-2016

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