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The grill on a BMW is like the brand’s identification. Without that grill it’s just not a BMW. The most popular thing to do with the grill on your BMW is to go with an aftermarket matte black grill. This gives your car more that that cool 007 look that no woman can turn down. The matte black finsih and stealthy black slats are just pure awesomeness, Our Stealth Auto matte black grilles are badass, and we aren’t just using our own opinion on this. BMW themselves started making the same type of grille we have. See... told ya we’re cool.
   Paint Matched Front Kidney Grilles - Vehicle Compatibilities
   Matte Black Front Kidney Grill (Shadow Grille) - Vehicle Compatibilities

BMW Grills Design and Function

This widely popular car brand is well known for its uniquely shaped split kidney BMW grills. So even from afar, and even without seeing the marque, which is the primary car brand identifier, you can easily distinguish a BMW from the shape of its grills. With that in mind, you may want to consider giving more consideration when it comes to its style.

A BMW front grill, as with any other truck or car grill is widely regarded as a highly distinct stylish auto part that provides automobile owners a great opportunity to put their own personal stamp on their property and customize it according to their style preference. So while the principle function of BMW grills is to enable good air circulation in and around the car or truck engine, it has also evolved as an elegant accessory of sorts.

But looking beyond the aesthetics, BMW grills also serve as protection for the radiator, engine and the intercooler as well as other vital parts under the hood in case of accidents and collisions. This is because BMW grills are specifically designed to absorb an impact or shock, thereby effectively reducing any impression or damage in cases of head-on collisions. To sum it all up, the choice of BMW grills and BMW grill parts should take into account both form and function.

Custom BMW Grills

Like most people, you probably place high regard and value for your car and look beyond its function as a vehicle. After all, you have chosen to invest in a BMW, and not any other car. Not only is the brand known to offer top of the line luxurious and lavish automobiles, through the years, BMW has proven to be a force to be reckon with in terms of innovation and quality. It explains why owning a BMW has become a good indicator of one’s financial prowess and superiority.

Since a BMW front grill is placed prominently in the front section of the car, you definitely want to play careful attention and care of your grill. Fact is, even if you have the latest model, an obvious dent or scratch on your BMW grills significantly affects the overall visual impact of the car. You definitely don’t want to sport and drive around with a misshapen grill, right?

If you want to look beyond the usual replacement options of BMW grills from its manufacturer, then you are in store of a real treat. There are a number of service providers nowadays who manufacture custom BMW grills and BMW grill parts that are particularly designed to enhance the style as well as the function of an ordinary car grill.

There are also a number of distributors that also offer installation of the BMW grills. This is a practical option, and you may want to consider contracting their services. This will ensure you have your BMW front grill snugly fitted to your car by professionals who have been in this line of work for significant number of years.

Custom BMW Grill Parts

Now, if you plan to replace your BMW front grill, then you also need to consider upgrading your BMW grill parts as well to complement the new design. This is to ensure your BMW grills, as well as the rest of the car will pull off that cohesive, well-put together look. Your BMW grill parts should include the shell assembly, cover and trim, among others.

Like your choice of BMW grills, the BMW grill parts should also follow the same choice of high quality materials. This is to ensure you only fit in the very best accessories, consistent with the superior quality of your car.

The great thing about investing on BMW grills purchased from aftermarket sectors is that it all comes with a one year unlimited mileage warranty, this is of course a very good indication of the material’s quality and the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s level of quality.

There are a number of popular online distributors of BMW grills that you can check out and compare prices. Take full advantage of the Internet to check out difference providers and discover a better and wide variety and selection of BMW grills of fit every imaginable whim and fancy for your specific car model.

A BMW car is no doubt a significant investment, a property that can easily increase in value through the years with proper care, maintenance and attention. If you don’t want to confine your choices of BMW grills, look beyond the original parts and check out the other alternatives readily available in the market today. Of course, it is also important to consider quality of your BMW grills over aesthetics, not just to protect the integrity of your car but also to ensure you get the real value for your money.

So whether your car is in dire need of a BMW front grill replacement or you are simply looking for a great new way to add more spunk and character to your car, by all means, do not limit your choices to the original designs. You will find out there are a great number of viable BMW grills options you can consider.

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YOUR BMW PRODUCTS ARE AWESOME, and completely changed the look of my car. I\'ve spoken highly of your products regularly on forums, and have seen cheap imitations that don\'t look or function nearly as good. Thanks! John A., Guilford, CT
1. I love my blacked out grill and my stealth side marker bulbs, hides all that ugly orange away. 2. You guys are very helpful when i email or ask about products pertaining to my E46 3. I love my ride cause its a BMW and i could not go back to driving anything else Alexander K., Los Angeles
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