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BMW Angel Eye FAQ, Information and Product Details

BMW Angel Eyes upgrades & headlight conversions are one of the most popular modifications enthusiasts do to their BMWs. At Stealth Auto, we provide CCFL & LED angel eyes for your halo projector headlights. When looking for a unique & super bright look specifically for your BMW, led angel eye upgrade bulbs from Weisslicht are the way to go!

(Read below for the Stealth Auto BMW Angel Eye FAQ and Buying Guide)

What's the Difference Between BWM Angel Eye Rings & BMW Angel Eye Bulbs?

Angel Eyes (sometimes referred to as "Halo Lights") come in two varieties when it comes to their actual physical structure and design. You can get single aftermarket angel eye bulbs that are a replacement for the factory halogen bulbs or you can purchase a set of rings that are installed around the stock headlight reflector dish or projector area.

What is the Difference Between CCFL and LED Angel Eyes?

If you opt for the aftermarket angel eye rings, you have two choices: CCFL or LED. CCFL is an abbreviation for "cold cathode fluorescent lighting" and LED is short for Light Emitting Diode. The CCFL rings look like a small version of the 3-foot long fluorescent lights you see in the ceiling of an office building or in a fish tank hood. These CCFL's lights have a nice clean look to them but are very fragile and fade to a yellowish color over time. The best BMW angel eye products on the market these days are products like Weisslicht Angel Eyes, which use high powered LED's.

What are the Benefits of Using Weisslicht LED's for My BMW?

Incredibly BRIGHT look due to low power consumption
You can leave them on at car shows and not drain your battery due to their low power consumption
Never worry about purchasing another set because LED's last 100,000+ hours
Pure WHITE output from the advanced LED technology
Fits almost every model because they come in LED rings or LED bulbs (depending on the application)
LED Rings come with over 60 LED's per ring!
OEM Replacement LED bulbs all use high power CREE LED's (3-10 Watts per bulb)

Should I Replace my Angel Eyes?

Angel Eyes are one of the true distinctions of driving a BMW, the Ultimate Driving Machine" so we find that many enthusiasts upgrade their angel eyes as their very first modification. When upgraded to an aftermarket set such as Weisslicht, you will be amazed at the heads your car will turn. Also, it is a great way of making your slightly older BMW look like the newest ones on the road.

With upgrade options for the newer E60 5 Series or as classic as a mid 90's E36 3 Series, angel eyes are one of the upgrades that will truly make your car look impressive to your friends.

Want to have the coolest look in town? Then be sure to use the optional "remote wiring harness" to connect a "trigger" wire up to your Interior lights. Why do this? Because when you click your remote keyless entry button, your angel eyes will light up as you walk towards your car. Take our word for it, its the best feeling in the world when you see your car little rally "light up" when you walk towards it, like it is excited for you to get in and drive it.

Are LED and CCFL Angel Eyes Street Legal?

Every state has its own rules and regulations for angel eyes headlights so please check your before making a purchase or installing any aftermarket angel eyes on your vehicle. For example, some states are very lenient allowing you to chose what color lights you want but California laws only allow for white front facing lights.

There are, however, a couple of general rules on all front facing lighting: white angel eyes and headlights won’t get you in trouble anywhere in the U.S. while the brightness of the lights shouldn’t be intense enough to blind drivers heading your way.

This does not mean you can’t get more unique BMW Angel Eye colors such as red, yellow or blue. Nobody will stop you from buying and installing “off road” lights – most of which are unique and much, much flashier than their street legal counterparts – but you do have to take care where you drive around with them. Drive downtown with red angel eyes on and you’ll be likely to get pulled over by the first cop that you pass by.

Luckily, even the street-legal angel eyes are VERY bright and intense, which will give you the bright lighting appearance you want for your BMW. If you want to be 100% sure you won’t get into trouble, then you can just contact your state’s department of transportation (DOT) or department of motor vehicles (DMV) and inquire about what headlights are legal in your neck of the woods.

Off Road BMW Angel Eyes:

If you want to use off road angel eyes, then you open up a whole new world to your car’s aesthetic design.

You can pick out the color you want and not worry about the legal ramifications. You can transform your everyday BMW into a fantastic piece of art with RED or BLUE "eyes". Just remember that this will effectively leave you with two choices: set your car up for display events or soup it up for racing events. Keep all these in mind and you’ll know what to do with the BMW angel eyes you’ve got with you!


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