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BMW Pedals FAQ, Information and Product Details

We believe BMW pedals are one of the most important finishing touches that will complete your Bimmer. It is how drivers connect to their BMW. Brushed racing style aluminum pedals with highly durable rubberized grips not only provide safe and responsive operation but also splashes excitement & welcomes the driver.
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   Custom Racing Pedals for BMW - Vehicle Compatibilities

Stealth Autos new BMW footrests and pedals are high quality 1/8 thick cast aluminum that guarantees performance and are designed with style in mind. This contemporary sport look is sculpted with professionally brushed aluminum and is topped with a rich yet subtle gloss finish sure to thrill driver and passenger alike. If that isn't enough, we use high durability rubber traction zones providing safe and responsive operation rain or shine.

We include in each kit: pedals and installation hardware required (screws, nuts, bolts, Allen wrench). *Installation requires minor drilling. Choose from automatic, manual, and SMG transmissions. Fits E46 as well as E30, E32, E34, E36 (318, 325, 330, M etc.), E38, E39, E53. What have you got to lose but the boring look of your stock BMW Pedals?

How Hard is Installation?

Installation is a 2 out of 5 on the difficulty meter and should take you roughly 45 minutes to an hour to do properly.

Here's how you do it: Remove the old rubber covers you have on your pedals. The metal frame work should now be exposed. Some models have pre-drilled holes. For those models, line up the holes and use the hardware provided to fasten the new pedals you have to the metal frame. If your model does not have holes you will need to align the pedals over the metal bracket and mark where the holes need to be. Grab a drill with the appropriate size drill bit (should be small). Once you mark the hole’s position, drill out your holes one at a time. Grab the fasteners in the kit and use it to install the pedals. For the dead pedal, remove any existing pedal (Some models have nothing there, it’s just carpet). Align the dead pedal and position it where you want, then grab the screws provided (they look like wood screws) and use them to fasten the dead pedal onto its post. Make sure everything is tightened properly.

Our Customers Say

1. I love my blacked out grill and my stealth side marker bulbs, hides all that ugly orange away. 2. You guys are very helpful when i email or ask about products pertaining to my E46 3. I love my ride cause its a BMW and i could not go back to driving anything else Alexander K., Los Angeles
I recently purchased your anti flicker capacitors for my Bimmer. I WAS VERY HAPPY with how fast you got those out to me and they work beautifully!! I certainly look forward to shopping more with Stealth Auto in the near future. Thanks again. Bob, Kansas City
I love the way my stealth mods look on my ride! I get multiple stares all the time now. Thanks Todd for all you do! Your COMPANY IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me for anyone that has a BMW! Ming, Hong Kong
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