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BMW E60 Headlight Information and Product Details

BMW Headlights are one of the most visually dramatic upgrades your can install on yourBMW E60 5 Series. There are 2 primary reasons you may want to upgrade your current headlight assembly:

  1. Your current BMW E60 headlights are old, faded, yellowed or cracked and you want to get rid of this ugly eyesore so your BMW wont be embarrassing
  2. You want you car to look newer and you want the exciting features of an aftermarket headlight such as built in angel eyes, projector lenses or auto-leveling bi-xenon capabilities

*Tired of getting chips or cracks in your headlights? Don't forget to check out the headlight lens protecting film for your E60 below.

BMW E60 Headlight Basics:

There are a few types of headlights you need to know about for your E60 5 Series.

E60 Halogen Headlights- Halogen headlights refer to the type of gas that is in your ~make E60 headlight bulbs. The housing for these bulbs consists of the bulb in the middle of a chrome “bowl shaped” reflector, and once the light is turned on, the chrome concave reflector helps aim and shoot out the light in front of the vehicle where it needs to be. If you want to increase the brightness of these lights you need to upgrade to "Xenon Projector Headlights"

E60 Xenon Headlights- If you BMW 5 Series is equipped with xenon headlights the assembly will consist of a ellipsoidal reflector in the back and a projector or condenser lens at the front of the lamp. This condenser lense is the one you can visibly see from the outside and that looks like a fish eye. This type of E60 housing is far more superior to the reflector type and it out performs it in every aspec. This will allow your E60 ~ series~ to put out more light, and make it light up further out with projector housings.

E60 HID Kits- Our BMW HID Kits come equipped with all that you will need to do the install. To make your E60 REALLY shine bright you might want to get a kit for the low beams and the high beams.

Why Our E60 HID Kits Are Great:

• Plug-’n-Play - Usually installs in 20 minutes or less (rarely is there wire-cutting or special skills required)
• 100% Water-proof, 100% Dust-proof, 100% Shock-proof
• Produces 2 to 3 times as much light as a halogen bulb and will look great on your E60

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