Low Emission Zone Window Sticker


  • $6.30

Product Introduction

  • Low Emission Zone Stickers come standard in the windows on European Delivery BMWs.
  • Get that same Euro-look on your BMW windshield with our non-permanent, Zone 4 window cling sticker.
  • Based on the actual German Emission Zone sticker for an authentic look.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • Low Emission Zones (LEZs) are areas or roads where the most polluting vehicles are restricted.
  • This means that vehicles with emissions over a set level are banned, or in some cases charged if they enter the LEZ.
  • Also known as Environment Zones, Umweltzonen, Milieuzones, Lavutslippssone, Miljozone, and MiljÇôzon.
  • Vehicle emissions are classified by the so-called "Euro Standards" for the vehicles that they affect.
  • All BMWs fall into category 4 in emissions - this is the lowest emission standard and it allows access to all city areas.
  • Eack kit comes wtih one German Style Emission Euro Zone 4 Window Cling sticker and one White vinyl sticker to applied to increase outward visibility.

Installation Notes

  • Installation Difficulty: SIMPLE (No Tools, Anyone Can Install)
  • Ensure the application area is completely clean of dirt and oil- Window cleaner or Rubbing Alcohol is recommended to prep the window surface.
  • You may use soapy water to help install the cling, and push out the water if too many bubbles are forming.
  • The White backing can be added to the cling after it is transferred to the window for greater visibility.
  • We do not recommend reinstalling the sticker once it has been removed, as some of the ink will transfer from where you wrote your license plate number, and realignment will be difficult.

Notes / Warnings

  • This product is not legal in European Zones. It is not an official Zone sticker and should not be used in places regulated by the European Commission.

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