Ceiling Mounted Sunglass Holder


  • $52.50

Product Introduction

  • Most BMWs lack storage for sun glasses.
  • The handles found on the driver and passenger sides are rarely used, so why not turn them into a convenient way to store sun glasses for you and your passengers.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • Now you'll always know where your sunglasses are without having to search for them while driving.
  • Nothing can be more convenient than having your sun glasses right above you and within easy reach.
  • Crafted from high quality plastics, with a padded insert to protect the lenses of your glasses.
  • The holder is easy to open, simply pull on the case, as you would the grab handle.
  • When released it springs back into the closed position, holding your glasses securely.
  • This sunglass holder is compatible with most frame types/styles, including aviator style glasses.
  • Please note that some sunglasses may be thicker when folded, and although they will still fit, the case may not close all the way.
  • If you have sunglasses that are larger than normal, please consider this before purchasing this product.)

This Product Fits:

  • BMW E82 1 Series
  • BMW E9X 3 Series
  • BMW E84 X1
  • This is a replica part for BMW OEM# x1 51167842970.

Installation Notes

  • Installation Difficulty: BASIC (Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required)
  • Simply unscrew your original grab handle and screw the new holder into place using the existing holes.
  • Please note that a Torx screwdriver is required to remove your current grab handles.

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