Getting Your BMW Ready for Spring

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The arrival of spring brings better driving conditions. This in turn means fixing up your car accessories to have the ultimate driving experience. The warmer weather makes your weekends filled with travel itineraries. Follow these basic maintenance tips to have your BMW ready for the perfect spring rides. Check out to upgrade your BMW for this spring.

Air filters:

Air filters are crucial to the performance of your car. Worn out air filters decrease fuel economy and can cause serious problems to your engine in the long run. Also, dirty air filters can cause misfiring of cylinders and stuttering during idle.

More air increases the rate of combustion and a new air filter provides immediate performance boosts. Bimmian Automotive Inc has Simota air filters that are washable and reusable. This increases the durability and saves you money. Simota performance filters are available with a 1 year warranty. Winter has definitely taken a toll on your filters, so it's better to replace it for the summer conditions and enjoy better quarter mile times.


At the end of winter, be sure to check your headlights, indicators, taillights and parking lights. The weather could be a little foggy and your BMW's fog lamps should be in perfect working condition. For the racing look and less strain on the the eyes, consider the amber illuminating fog lights. New generation Spektrum turn signals and brake lights can give an elegant look to your BMW and helps reduce accidents.

Vehicle Interior Light bulbs can be easily replaced at home as a weekend project and our gold series Interior LED lights kits gives a subtle and classy look your BMW’s interior.

Lighting upgrades not only help fellow drivers but increases driving safety. It also brings a brighter appearance to your BMW.


Time to replace your winter tires with summer ones. Your tires and alloys would have endured a tough winter with road salt and grime. What better time to put on some really cool rims to make your BMW stand out. Also protect your wheels with Sonax wheel cleaning solutions and Mechunik Rim Stripes.

Styling and Decals:

The weather during spring lets you showcase your beloved ride to your friends and family. Clamp-on exhausts, illuminated shift knobs, matte kidney grills and customized rear-view mirrors are some of the key elements to attract looks. Bimmian Automotive Inc carries Remus systems as well as a variety of factory matched painted reflectors and lip spoilers.

Battery and fluids:

Your car's battery performs vital tasks. If your BMW was stored, a long wait over the winter may mean charging up your car's battery for summer weather.

Engine oil, wiper fluid, coolants, radiator fluid, brake fluids all together make a perfect and trouble-free drive. Make sure to fill up or replace old fluids. Bimmian Automotive Inc carries OEM BMW oil filters and the Mechunik Magnetic Oil Plug to help you under the hood.

Although handing over your car to your local mechanic sounds easy, working on your car could give you the satisfaction of making it right. Order high quality and reasonably priced parts from for your BMW to stand out above the rest.

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