Your vehicle's lighting system is key to your safety

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Your vehicle's lighting system is key to your safety and the communication of your intent to those around you. Your headlight and tail light systems ensure that other motorists can see you at all times, even in conditions of limited visibility.

Motorists should ensure that both the low beams and high beams are working properly, and that they are aimed correctly - and checked regularly by a professional to ensure that they provide the correct illumination, while minimizing the chance of blinding oncoming motorists. Headlight lenses should be kept clean and clear. Over time, abrasion from road grit and grime can cloud over and cause these lenses to become opaque, thus obscuring the light output.


A secondary lighting system that may or may not be installed on your vehicle are fog lights. Oddly enough, the vast majority of motorists are unsure of when to use these specialized lights. In simple terms, fog is a cloud at ground level. Like clouds, fog is made up of condensed water droplets which are the result of the air being cooled to the dewpoint. In lay terms, water is condensing at the same rate at which it is evaporating. When the temperature drops below the dew point, water will begin to condense on solid surfaces such as the road, forming fog.

The optimal time to use fog lights is when the fog density prevents your headlights from penetrating the water droplets. Visibilty is greatly reduced, and the majority of the headlight output is reflected back into the driver’s eyes. In these conditions, the driver should turn off the headlights and turn on the fog lights to illuminate the road below the fog.

Turn signals, reverse, hazard and brake lights are the communicators of your vehicle lighting system. They let others know of your intent to change lanes, make a turn, reverse, slow or come to a stop and even announce that your vehicle is incapacitated. It is important for your safety, and the safety of others around you that you use these systems properly, and to always communicate your intent.

Taking these basic fundamentals into account, think of how you can enhance safety even more, by upgrading the lighting systems on your vehicle. From Xenon headlights and fog lights, to LED indicators and side markers - we have you covered. You'll enjoy all the benefits of increased security and boost your vehicle's style points at the same time!

We Suggest:

WeissLicht LED Reverse Indicator Bulbs

Always be seen when reversing! These ultra bright, error free, all LED reverse indicator bulbs look great, never burn out and keep you safe.

WeissLicht Spektrum LED reverse bulbs are up to 8 times more powerful than OEM bulbs, without overheating or throwing error codes. Spektrum bulbs have set a new standard by creating a bulb that is the best in concealment, illumination, reliability and safety.

Error Free Operation (no additional components required)

Up to 8X brighter than OEM white bulbs (white version)

Specifically Designed to work with your BMW lenses, sockets and onboard computer.

Lifetime Warranty! Simply put, it's the last bulb you'll need to buy.

XenoFlo Compact HID Retrofit Kit

Add HID to your BMW with this retrofit kit - ideal for headlights or fog lights!

Unlike other BMW LED headlight bulbs, HID Xenons fully maximize reflector use and are brighter than any LED bulb available. This is why the technology of HID is safer choice than LED, while being less costly. Why choose XenoFlo? XenoFlo HID retrofit kits utilize a pure xenon bulb - the same technology that would have been installed at the factory, if you had you ordered that option.

Ballasts and Components: XenoFlo have the smallest HID ballasts available. How small? So small that they fit into most BMW light housings with compartments! This is unheard of with the competition and allows for a clean, unobtrusive installation.

XenoFlo HID kit components are made in Japan at an ISO 9002 & E-mark certified factory. XenoFlow HID retrofit kits are top quality kits that will replace any standard (9006/HB4, H7, etc.) light bulb in ANY vehicle with a REAL HID bulb. These may be used to either upgrade your fog lights to HID or to upgrade your halogen headlights to HID. XenoFlo stands behind its product, offering 50% longer coverage than any other manufacturer - that's an 18 month warranty on all components and bulbs. That's confidence. In our quest to find the best quality bulbs, with the longest lifetime, best reliability, lowest defect-rates, and consistent color quality, we too decided to carry XenoFlo products.

Xenesis Yellow Fog Light Bulbs

XENESIS technology is a great way to improve your visibility in inclement weather. XENESIS Yellow Fog light bulbs put out an amber/yellow light that is less reflective than white light thus greatly reducing the amount of glare in extreme fog.

Selected from over 100 different brands, specifically for use in your BMW, these lights were engineered for the best possible color and fitment. Xenesis bulbs are made of the highest quality materials available in the world of lighting, so they will last far longer than the other fog light bulbs on the market. All bulbs are made with UV Filter Technology

Easy compliance with the strictest UV limits

Reduced bleaching caused by UV

Reduction of stress to material caused by UV within the lamp, in particular with plastics

F10 Style LED Sidemarker Lenses

Get the look of the 5 and 7 series style side markers for your 3 series. These replacement lenses feature an updated shape LED lens, with a surround that resembles the F10 side marker in look and style.

Each side marker comes with 20 powerful LED lights in amber or white, integrated into a clear or smoked lens. Each lens is surrounded by your choice of brilliant chrome, gloss or matte black surround. 12 possibilities in total. The 2 piece design allows for easy installation.

Interior Xenon Gold Series LED Bulbs

Don't forget the interior! Replace your interior light bulbs with these bright LED replacements for a cool white glow that provides a dramatic effect at night.

We start with a deep blue colored printed circuit board and plate it in real 14K GOLD using a process called Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold Plating or E.N.I.G. This process is used in high end, high use electronic items.

Why gold?

Gold is a better conductor

Gold Immersion PCBs are far more reliable with better planarity

ENIG processes are costlier but make a far better circuit board as it does not corrode

An Interior light replacement kit consists of bulbs that replace ALL interior lights including (where applicable/available): dome lights, rear courtesy lights, reading lights, vanity mirror lights, glove box lights, under-dash courtesy lights, trunk interior lights and under hood lights.

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