Upgrading your Halo Rings, Corona Rings or Angel Eyes

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Introduced to the automotive market in 2000 by BMW, Halo Rings, also known as Corona Rings or Angel Eyes, consist of a circular arrangement of lights or luminous rings inside the vehicle's headlight assembly.

As automotive lighting technology has evolved over the years, headlights have progressed to provide both high intensity lighting and key aesthetics that serve to customize the overall appearance of a vehicle.

In the 1980s, the fabrication of composite headlights became mainstream, however, the cumbersome assemblies using parabolic reflectors, restricted the abilty to create more intricate designs. A decline in the use of projector bulbs in the 2000s allowed automakers to create more innovative headlamp designs, including halo rings.

The first instance of Halo equipped headlights were conceived and put into service on the 2001 BMW 5 Series. This innovation was picked up by Car and Driver and was featured on their 10Best List, describing Halos as a breakthrough - serving both as daytime running lights and as a novel aesthetic that gave a sharp stance to the vehicle's front end.

Originally, Halos were powered by halogen bulbs, using a fiber optic system to distribute the light along the ring channel. BMW utimately upgraded this method by the use of ultra-bright LEDs. With this advent, the opportunity to offer brighter, cleaner looking illumination became available, along with new color options.

Contemporary BMW-designed halos are an integral part of the BMW bi-xenon headlight system, and for a time, was a signature component that truly distinguished BMW vehicles on the road. This inimitable innovation would not remain exclusively in the hands of BMW forever; the concept of Halo headlights was soon appropriated by other automakers and incorporated into their own designs, touting the addition of Halo rings to their vehicles as a "premium appearance."

If you currently have dull yellow OEM halo rings, consider upgrading with the latest version LED upgrade kit from WeissLicht. The brightest on the market! With this upgrade kit you can tailor your BMW to be bright, unique and always safe!

This simple modification will make your BMW stand out. Simply change out the stock halogen light bulbs, and replace them with our plug and play replacements for a cool, pure white glow, or for a truly custom look, try our red or blue halos. With the purchase of ONE kit you can replace all FOUR halos in your headlights.

Not only is WeissLicht more cost effective than competing products, they are actually brighter. Additionally, these lights are covered by a one-year warranty and are guaranteed not to cause any warning lights on your dash board.

As mentioned, we offer an alternative to our white (AugenWeiss) illuminating replacements. You may prefer blue (AugenBlau) or red (AugenRot) illumination colors, which are also available from WeissLicht.

What Its Made From:

WeissLicht version 4 for H8 replacement bulbs halo ring upgrades feature Japanese made CREE LED CHIPS for the brightest possible light output. Other versions for other types of bulb replacements also feature CREE LED CHIPS up to 10 watts each! WeissLicht bulbs are one of the brightest on the market!


LED halo upgrades are available for most BMWs with standard fiber optic halo rings:

E92, E90, E82, E87, E60, E53, E39, E61, E63, E64, E65, E66, E70, E71 and more.

Please consult the ordering section on the product detail page of our website for more details.

Why is brightness so important?

The primary, and simplest reason is to maintain a level of brightness that can be seen both at night and during the day. LED based halo rings are best for day/night visibility and as far as durability is concerned, LED based systems are both rugged and compact and surpass the more vulnerable CCFL options. The light output for our White Halo Rings is 6,000K cool white, producing a bright, clean appearance.

Halo Upgrades from Bimmian Automotive Inc

A Simple Modification that Delivers Big Results

WeissLicht LED Halo Color Change Kit

WeissLicht LED Halo Color Change Kit for the F30 gives you the option to change the color or all 4 rings on your headlights to whatever you like. Keep them all the same color or mix them up for a unique look. This is the only option on the market for changing the color of your F30 halo rings because of the unique design of the ring LEDs. Based on the factory LED bulbs, WeissLicht introduces these plug-and-play replacements in several colors. The F30 uses an individual bulb for each halo ring. That means you can change them all to the same color, 2 and 2, or all 4 different colors depending on the look you are going for.

WeissLicht LED Halo Upgrade Kit 

Get rid of the dull yellow light of your OEM halo rings with the latest version LED upgrade kit from WeissLicht! THE BRIGHTEST ON THE MARKET! With this upgrade kit you can tailor your BMW to be bright, unique and always safe!

LUX Halo Upgrade Kit

LUX H8 Angel eyes are premium LED angel eyes for your BMW. Available as a 9-mode color changer (version 5), or as the new 160 edition, a super bright 7000K bulb that is the equivalent of 160 watts from a halogen bulb.

Halo Rings Kit

NEW High Definition - 120 LED Rings are here! These halo rings are designed to create vibrant, bright white rings in your headlights that are sure to be noticed. These halo rings are designed to create vibrant, bright white rings in your headlights that are sure to be noticed.

Projector Headlights With Halo Rings

Now you can upgrade your factory OEM halogen headlights to real Projector Headlights. Quality assembly from the factory, our kits (optionally) come with real XENOFLO Xenon (HID) bulbs in your choice of color, and PRE-INSTALLED INTEGRATED HALO RINGS. Now also available for the F30 with U-Shaped Halo rings and LED Daytime Running Light built in.

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