Easy Enhancements for your BMW

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Sometimes the simplest modification makes the biggest difference. Sometimes less is more. Here, we offer you several very effective appearance enhancements that are simple to install, but provide powerful results.

Customize the look of your roundels – choose your favorite color combination, paint match, metal finishes or even carbon fiber. With over 80 colors of emblem overlays to choose from, there is a perfect combination for everyone. Additionally, we offer clear roundel protection film to seal and protect your roundels from UV exposure and other elements.

Raised Tire Lettering allows you to transform any black wall tire into a true raised white letter tire. No struggling with paint pens or markers. Create whatever you like using our real rubber, raised white letter tire kits - they adhere permanently to the sidewall of your tire in seconds.

Don’t de-badge, replace! Remove the chrome from the back of your BMW, by replacing the chrome vehicle model with a matte, or gloss black emblem in the same size and font as original. Available in gloss or matte black, gold, fire red/orange and real carbon fiber!

Custom Vehicle Emblems let you personalize your vehicle cleanly, easily and inexpensively using these manufacturer-grade 3D chrome letters. Letters are available in a very modern font which matches well with OEM emblems. Add an F or E chassis code to your series emblem in matching OEM chrome letters that measure 1/8" thick, 1" tall and vary in width depending on the letter.

Replace those worn wiper blades now - your modern BMW does not use standard wiper blades that are available from the local auto parts store. Save time and money by picking up a set of these plug and play blades that take minutes to install, with no fiddling with adapters or connectors. Best of all, they look and perform like OEM.

Colored Roundel Emblems

Personalize your BMW with a custom colored BMW emblem. Available in over 1600 color combinations. Inexpensive and installs in minutes. Our roundel emblem overlays are vinyl sticker wedges, computer cut, using the highest quality materials to precisely fit over both the blue or white areas of your roundels - provides a perfect look every time. Can be applied to cover either the blue, or white parts of your BMW emblem, or both if you buy two sets.

With over 80 colors of emblem overlays to choose from, there is a perfect combination for everyone. Match your paint, or add a touch of carbon. Show the colors of your school or sports team. Accent with your favorite color, or make your vehicle look subtler. Whatever you choose, our Colored Roundels can help you stand out in the best way!


Looks like real carbon fiber and shimmers at angles in the light. This is not a printed carbon fiber "effect" on vinyl, but rather micro-etched into the vinyl for a three dimensional, fantastic, deep and realistic carbon fiber look.


Get the frosted look of Matte Roundels. Now available in Frozen Black, Frozen Grey, Army Green and Matte White.


You will be pleasantly surprised when you see how closely we are able to match your vehicle paint color! Available in solid colors as well as metallics, these make your vehicle look unique in a subtle way. May not be a perfect match, but we ensure that they will be as exact as possible.


Our metals (chrome, gold, brushed silver, etc.) are made of thin strips of real adhesive backed metal for a personalized look.

Raised Tire Lettering

Turn your black tires into a race-looking tire, with custom raised white tire lettering. These letters apply in minutes, are permanent and dramatically transform the look of your wheels. You can display anything you like on your tires by specifying the text you want using our wizard, during the ordering process.

Each letter is made from two layers:

A black rubber under layer with a pure white rubber top layer

The white portion of the letter is covered in a blue protective sticker to keep it clear during installation

Our letters are not painted, so there is no risk of deterioration over time, and washing.Our letters are applied with industrial strength Krazy Glue

The application of the letters are permanent.

White tire paint pens cannot compare to the performance of our REAL rubber letters.

Shadow Vehicle Emblem

Our shadow vehicle emblems are the perfect detail to make your BMW stand out, and is a great alternative to de-badging. Our emblems are made of the same top quality ABS plastic as your OEM badges and install in minutes, using pre-applied Original Equipment Manufacturer grade adhesive. These emblems are fully removable if required, and will not damage your paint.

For customers with E46, E90, E92, E82, E87, E60, E63, F01, F10 - these emblems are the same size, style and font of your original OEM letters. Instead of chrome, these are painted in your choice of either a high gloss black color or a matte black color. For customers with other BMW vehicles, not only does this modification change your badge color, but also the badge style to the newest font, size and style that BMW is using on all its latest vehicles.

Custom Vehicle Emblems

Badge your car with any statement you choose. Available in two sizes and colors, these custom vehicle emblems complement the existing chrome badging already on your BMW. Personalize your vehicle cleanly, easily and inexpensively. Identify your creation using these manufacturer-grade 3D chrome letters. Made in a factory that also produces emblems for major vehicle manufacturers, these emblems are 1/8" thick, 0.8 & 1" tall or and vary in width depending on the letter.

This product is crafted in a chrome finish and available in a very modern font which matches well with OEM emblems. For mounting, letters come ready to install with pre-applied adhesive tape, which will securely fasten to your vehicle. In the event you ever have to remove the letters, this method of application reserves the possibility of clean removal, without damaging your paint. The result is clean, subtle, unique and very attractive.

Chassis Code Emblem

Your BMW has the series and its engine size on the rear, but why not the chassis code? Identify with other enthusiasts using this simple modification. Display your E or F chassis code on your trunk, opposite your car series emblem with Bimmian Automotive Inc Chassis Code Emblems.

Made in a factory that also produces emblems for major vehicle manufacturers, these emblems are 1/8" thick, 1" tall and vary in width depending on the letter. With a chrome finish and available in a very modern font, these chassis code emblems match well with OEM emblems.

Frameless Wiper Blades

Premium quality replacement wiper blades for those cracked, streaky blades installed on your car. BMW blades are completely custom, and are specific to each BMW model. We carry blades specifically made for your vehicle. No fiddling with adapters or connectors. These plug and play blades will take minutes to install, and look and perform like OEM.

This product features:

Frameless Structure for a great look

Quiet and smooth action

Quick and easy installation, specific to the different BMW attachments

Durable, evenly distributed pressure on the blade to prolong its life by rubber abrasion

No gaps between structures by reducing components

Corrosion Resistance minimized by using plastic parts

Superior wiping performance

Innovative Design:

Steadied by the 45 degree arch-shaped, current-distributing wing, the uniquely designed press-down windshield wipers remain reliable and smooth during high-speed driving through storms.

Leading Technology:

The entire structure of each windshield wiper has been put through 3 layers of rust prevention processes. Top anti-UV 100% natural rubber from Fukoku, which effectively endures high friction and temperatures, has been adopted for driving under all weather conditions.

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