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A Guide to BMW Grilles

2016-08-16 posted by Mike

BMW grilles are unique to every vehicle series and generation and Stealth Auto has more than forty different styles in stock!  This guide will help walk you through the various options we have, and help you choose the perfect grille for your BMW. BMW commonly manufactures their grilles using a chrome finish, however, most enthusiasts are looking for a more modern, aggressive and sporty look.   Stealth Auto responds to this demand by offering a variety of choices, allowing you to pair the best grille style and finish to compliment your vehicle’s style and paint. . .

Software and Tuning

2016-07-07 posted by David

Now that BMW is using twin turbos on so many of its vehicles, it is paving the way, now more than ever, for aftermarket tuners to be able to improve vehicle performance using electronic/software modifications rather than swapping of parts. This influx of vehicle tuning solutions has led to quite a lot of confusion amongst end users. This write up will help to clarify the mysteries behind software tuning and get you answers to the many questions that you undoubtedly have. . .

Upgrading your Halo Rings, Corona Rings or Angel Eyes

2016-07-06 posted by David

Introduced to the automotive market in 2000 by BMW, Halo Rings, also known as Corona Rings or Angel Eyes, consist of a circular arrangement of lights or luminous rings inside the vehicle's headlight assembly. As automotive lighting technology has evolved over the years, headlights have progressed to provide both high intensity lighting and key aesthetics that serve to customize the overall appearance of a vehicle. In the 1980s, the fabrication of composite headlights became mainstream, however, the cumbersome assemblies using parabolic reflectors, restricted the abilty to create more intricate designs. . .

If Your Engine Fails, You're Going Nowhere!

2016-06-22 posted by David

Your engine deserves a great deal of respect and care. Quite simply, if your engine fails, you're going - well, nowhere. You could suffer financially due to the fact that engine repairs are often complex and time consuming, resulting in huge labor costs. . .

Your vehicle's lighting system is key to your safety

2016-06-15 posted by David

Your vehicle's lighting system is key to your safety and the communication of your intent to those around you. Your headlight and tail light systems ensure that other motorists can see you at all times, even in conditions of limited visibility. Motorists should ensure that both the low beams and high beams are working properly, and that they are aimed correctly - and checked regularly by a professional to ensure that they provide the correct illumination, while minimizing the chance of blinding oncoming motorists. . .