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Replacing the stock wheels of a BMW with aftermarket wheels will give your car a new look that you and your friends will appreciate. BMW wheels are one of the best ways to make yoru BMW stand out from the crowd. Every set of BMW rims we sell are made with style and elegance in mind to give your car a nice sporty look. Looking to "slam" your car to the group and put a massive set of 20" rims on there? Be our guest. Want to just make a subtle change by purchasing some BMW M series replica wheels online? Go for it! Whatever your style, our wheel and rim experts at Stealth Auto can guide you through any questions you have to get you exactly what you are looking for by upgrading your BMW wheels!

Looking For BMW Wheels & BMW Rims? First, the basics:

Your choice of BMW parts rims affect your car’s performance when it comes to proper handling. For example, too wide rims prevent the tire from flexing or gripping properly, resulting in poor traction. If your rims are too narrow, the tire tends to list sideways and distort especially when you tend to take curves fast or turn quickly. A perfectly sized rim gives the tires a good, decent spin, excellent traction and correct response time.

Choosing the right set for your BMW tires rims can drastically improve your vehicle’s performance, as well as give it a beautiful, finished look to set it apart from the rest of the pack. Just like lowering the car, removing weight or finishing it off with a custom paint job or interiors.

You need to take a look and measure your car and know your manufacturing specs before beginning. Smaller sized rims range from 17 inches to BMW 19 rims. The largest rolls in at a big 22 inches. BMW Michelin rims are a favorite, especially since these two companies have teamed up to give you the best handling and performance when it comes to your BMW tires. This tandem is a solid investment that you can count on.


When choosing rims, you can pick from a selection of colors ranging from silver, matte black, chrome to gunmetal. Choose one that not only complements your car’s color and make, but makes you feel great. After all, rims are not just functional, they are a fashion statement too.

A good rim is ineffective if you have bad tires. A car’s wheels and rims go together like white on rice—you cannot expect sufficient performance if one is inferior. That is why some tires are custom made for a specific type of wheel, to get the best out of it without wearing the tire out unnecessarily. A good tire is a very good investment, as it can give you the necessary grip and steady handling when you need it most.

One way to find the right type of wheel is to type BMW wheels for sale in your search engine. Finding BMW wheels and rims online can cut down on the time you invest and can give you a very good idea of the range of designs for your car. You will also be able to hunt for reviews from BMW fans like yourself. You can also buy BMW wheels direct from the manufacturer if you prefer stock items.

Most websites will give you a very thorough description of tuning, traction and durability, especially when it comes to popular brands like Bridgestone or Goodyear. A favorite of the connoisseur is BBS Wheels and Rims, who are famous for their custom work and excellent tire quality.

Find The Right BMW Wheels and Rims for You:

Customizing your car takes a lot of effort and investment, especially if you want to tailor your Bimmer to reflect your lifestyle and personality. Searching for the right dealer can make a lot of difference and reduce the amount of time you invest, without compromising your results. Customized rims can run up to thousands of dollars so you have to be prepared to spend quite a bit of dough before you get the results you want.

You may want to invest in custom work, especially if you like to bring your Bimmer up to top speed. Another option is to look for classic or vintage BMW wheels and rims or good quality aftermarket sets that can give your car a distinctive look no other car will have. This is excellent if you have a classic model you are looking to update or fine tune.

Finding the right rim can take a little time and a lot of legwork, but the results should speak for themselves.

When You Want More Than BMW Wheels and Rims

BMW wheels and rims plus a little extra can be easy to find—especially if you are looking for a deal when it comes to your auto parts. Many online traders offer wheels, rims and a little extra. You can also scope out deals that not only offer the parts, but the service to get them installed. Your local Bimmer dealership may be able to point you in the right direction or check the local auto body shops to see what they can do for you. A cost effective option if you love to tinker is to replace the wheels yourself.


Remember that when you install new rims and tires, a little body work may be needed to balance and realign the axle. BMW wheels unlimited sizing and rim choices can completely change the balance and weight distribution of your car, so this is an important step to take once you have found the right set of rims and wheels.


Finding a good provider and dealer can help with this essential, yet annoying, step. Alignment not only reduces tire wear (a must if you have already invested in a good set) but also keeps your car traveling in a straight line without pulling. Skipping this step can be disastrous.

Your BMW wheels and rims are not just there for show, they serve an essential purpose to your car’s overall performance. The right BMW wheels and rims set cannot just give your car a polished, finished and beautiful look, they can bring it further and faster and make your overall driving experience a breeze.

In this article we will try to touch base on the different types of BMW rims out there and highlight some pros and cons of each wheel type so you can make an educated decision of which is the correct BMW wheels for you.

Still Have BMW Wheel Questions?

Read The Info Below To Learn More About BMW Wheels & BMW Rims:

How Are BMW Wheels Made?

Forged Wheels:

Forging is a manufacturing process where single blocks/cylinders of metal are stamped, pressed, shaped under high pressure to achieve a one piece unit that is both stronger and lighter without and structural weak points like a seam or a weld. These types of wheels are typically can withstand more abuse, stress, and impacts dues to their manufacturing process and the superior metals used.

Cast Wheels:

Casting the castings process consists of pouring or Injecting molten metal into a mold containing a cavity with the desired shape of the final product. A few of the factors when casting an item is the types of molds used or the pressure used to fill the cold with liquid metal. These types of BMW wheels are also very well built but if they are exposed to hard direct impacts they tend to crack or break rather than bend like forged wheels would. Casted wheels can be found throughout the industry; they are little more affordable and can be used in multiple applications.


BMW Wheel Finishes:

DPE Wheel Finishes

Brushed - Brushed finishes are a high polished finish that has the fine lines still in the finish as if they were manually done by a brush. Imagine if you were to use a paint brush to apply paint onto a wall, you could expect the same type of finish from this process.

Powder Coating - Powder coating is a process where the wheels are first washed and stripped of any finishes to expose the bare metal. Once the wheel is clean we process with spraying on a thick coating similar to a oil based paint anywhere from .025-.075 mm. Once the coating is applied the wheels are placed in a oven and baked at 400+ degrees. Once the wheels are removed from the oven they now officially have been powder coated. Some of the benefits of powder coating is that you can powder coat your wheels almost any color imaginable, and as long as there is no chip, or curb rash the finish will last for many years.

Chrome - Chroming is a process where the wheels are dipped in a series of tubs beginning with a acid tub to clean the wheels, then they are dipped in a bath that positively charges the metal wheels, and then into a chrome tub that is negatively charged. When the positively charged wheels are dipped into the last tub and a negative charge is given it allows the chrome molecules to evenly and flawlessly adhere to the rims surface. Giving the wheels a brilliant shine that will last for many years down the line, as long as the proper clean procedures have been followed.

Painted - Some customers want their wheels to match their cars color or a favorite color they might have. That is when we can have the whole wheel or a certain portion of the wheel painted to match any color the customer chooses. This also allows for custom touches like pin striping, gold leafing, or marbleizing on the wheels. All these effects allow you to set your set of wheels apart from everyone else in the game.

Polished - Polished wheels have had the metal face and barrel of the wheel meticulously polished by a high speed/ high powered buffer. This process leaves the wheel with a shine and luster that exceeds any chrome finish. The only issue is that you have to be very careful the cleaners you use on these wheels and you need to hand polish them every couple months to make sure they maintain that luster and shine.

Gun Metal - Using a high tech coating method called physical vapor depisition or electroplating, many wheel companies offer a "Gun Metal" finish that looks rugged, aggressive and goes great with a lot of differnt cars factory and aftermarket paint colors. The wheels are often coupled with a polished lip, which gives a sleet contrast look to your whole ride.

Wheels are comprised of three parts:

  • Inner Barrel
  • Outer Barrel
  • Center Disc (Face)

One, Two, and Three Piece Wheels:

One Piece wheels are just that, the whole wheel, inner barrel, outer barrel, and center disc are all made from one piece and it has no seams, welds or joints.

Two piece wheels typically have a barrel and a center disc, they are mated by 30-40 small nuts/bolts that secure the outer edge of the face to the inner edge of the barrel. Since the Barrel is one piece there is no gasket or silicone needed for the seam, all you need is those bolt/screws to hold the wheel together.

Three Piece wheels have the inner/outer barrels, and the center disc all separate. They are individually pieced together and assembled. The outer and inner barrels have a rubber gasket or Silicone sealant that is applied to the seam and then the three pieces are bolted together with 30-40 bolts/screws.

What is the best wheel for my car?

Well, I guess it depends on what your definition of "Better" is. 3 Piece wheels are a good choice for people who want a large "lip" or need a very specific offset. They're also easier to customize with special finishes, as you can have a different color on the center, the lip, and the barrel. Keep in mind that 3 piece wheels are a little bit heavier than their other wheels, like the monoblock, and generally cost a little bit more due to the number of parts and labor involved in assembling them. The latest craze right now is 1 Piece monoblock wheels. These wheels are forged out of a single block of aluminum, and therefore are super strong, lightweight, and have a certain exclusivity as they are rare and expensive. On thing to keep in mind about 3 piece wheels is that if you happen to "curb" rash your wheel, you can always just replace the lip, saving you a lot of money on wheel repairs.

So, how to I make my final choice?

Like many large decisions, its always good to start with your budget. If you want the best, you are going to want to get a 3 piece or monoblock wheel from DPE or HRE. If you are trying to save some money (upwards of 75%) you can go with a VMR wheel, which still looks great, it just isn't the absolute top of the line.

If you still have any questions, call one of our wheel experts at 877-349-4777. We love cars, we love BMW wheels and we LOVE to talk about them. Give us a call!

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