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Stealth Auto

About Us

About Us

Who We Are and Why You Care:

We're Stealth Auto. BMW experts.

Years in the trenches as enthusiasts, drivers, product creators and consumers of everything BMW. We live and breathe BMW and we know what works and what doesn't.

In fact, Todd Staples (the owner of Stealth Auto) is so damned determined to make a successful, unique and fun company, he actually went on Fear Factor and ate crap. And by crap, I mean worms, cockroaches, bile and bull penis. He chewed the nastiest things on earth so he could later produce and sell the best products for your BMW.

He's absolutely insane, but he did win Fear Factor twice and used his winnings to start Stealth Auto, so he's completely serious.

He literally invented the Stealth Bulb.

It was the first product he made. It broke his wallet with all the work he put into the bulbs and patents, etc.. He won fifty grand from Fear Factor, finished up with the Stealth Bulbs and kicked off Stealth Auto. He's worked with legendary manufacturers,

top experts and puts it ALL on the line to make this place unique and fun. He wants you to think of Stealth Auto as a cool place to get the best stuff for your car.

And it is, so that part shouldn't be too hard for you.

(Check out an interview with Todd and Stealth Auto girl Kristen Bitting below)